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Our Authors

Susan Brozek
SUSAN BROZEK, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., is Director and Founder of Healing Word Psychotherapy Services, LLC (www.healing-word.com). Her heart isto help people who are hurting. She has been a Licensed Clinical Christian Psychotherapist for nearly twenty years and she has spoken at many conferences. She hosts a monthly TV broadcast on the The NOW Network (www.thenownetwork.org), and a bi-weekly Radio Broadcast called The Way of Healing, which can be heard on Blogtalk Radio. She is a #1 Bestselling Author, and her books include: A FEW Words on Becoming Holy, Whole and Fit, and HEALING WORDS: 30 Devotional Word Studies for Emotional and Spiritual Healing.Susan and her husband, Jeff live in Mequon, Wisconsin.

Karen Bruno
KAREN BRUNO was widowed at age forty after eighteen years of marriage to her high school sweetheart. Her husband’s physical and mental health struggles ultimately led to his suicide leaving her and their four children to grieve and survive the devastation of their loss. She was serving her church as director of Women’s ministry at the time sharing her passion for women to live fully and free in Christ. Ministry work has been her heart’s home since her walk with Christ began in her early twenties. Karen has developed and implemented multiple discipleship and mentorship programs for woman of all ages. Having struggled through her teens she has a passion for coming alongside teen girls helping them navigate those years of life. When speaking she utilizes humor and life’s adventures coupled with the truth in God’s word. Her teaching style is relevant, raw and relatable.

Kathy Carter
KATHY CARTER has been a fitness professional since college. Outside of being active with her family, competing in running events, and teaching exercise classes at her favorite clubs, you will find her spreading natural health and wellness through her Zija business. Whether a competition or just for fun, Kathy always gives it her all. Once she realized she had neglected to feed and strengthen the most important part of her body, her soul, it became very important for her to share her testimony with others. Her mission is to help other women become Holy, Whole, and Fit. Visit kathycarter.org to learn more.

Neesie Cieslak
NEESIE CIESLAK resides in Phoenix , Arizona with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Growing up in poverty, dysfunction, and much loss, she desires to share the love of God and the reality of His healing power. Neesie has experienced God’s comfort in her life numerous times and prays she can comfort others, as He’s comforted her. She has been able to speak and encourage thousands of people on their journeys. Neesie has homeschooled her children for twenty years; she enjoys reading, journaling, praying, and worshipping with her family. Reach her here: https://m.facebook.com/Neesie-Grace-Cieslak-1911585768903526.

Lisa Danegelis
LISA DANEGELIS and her family live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. She attended a culinary program where she fell in love with and married her instructor thirty-one years ago. Together, they own the prestigious Lee John’s Catering. She is also a busy mom of five adopted children and a survivor of wrongly prescribed psychiatric drugs. She has her own YouTube channel and Facebook group to support others on this harrowing journey. In time, she hopes to use her home as a safe haven for those in need. Lisa enjoys gardening, yoga, and writing. You may contact her at: Bakingfever@yahoo.com.

Marlene Dawson
MARLENE DAWSON is a #1 bestselling author and retired special education paraprofessional. Marlene has a deep desire for women to know God’s healing love, as she knows what courage it takes to face life’s painful circumstances. She is part of a ministry team that helps women move forward from difficult situations. Marlene is a conference speaker who teaches on faith, healing, and prayer. Marlene and her husband, Jim, live in Wisconsin, have four children, and look forward to grandbaby number eight on the way. Marlene enjoys grandparenting, family times, traveling, and writing. To contact Marlene, please visit: marlenedawson.com.

Tamara Fink
From a very young age, TAMARA FINK has always wanted to help people. She began pursuing her dream by getting her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and, upon completion of college, she obtained a job in social services helping women become self-sufficient financially. Currently, she is a small business owner who helps people find health through nutrition. Through her adult years, she has weathered many storms, yet her heart’s desire is still to help others become whole in every aspect of their lives; bodies, souls, and spirits. By sharing her journey, she believes others can find their ways to wholeness. Tamara passionately believes that every part of our being must be healthy, in order to lead a full and abundant life. Just like her name means, “Palm Tree,” she longs to come alongside women and show them the gift of bending, not breaking, and rising up to be stronger than ever, by being deeply rooted in the word of God. You can often find her reading, hiking, or enjoying time with her family. Please visit: tamarafink.com to follow her latest happenings.

Rebecca Grambort
REBECCA GRAMBORT resides in Merrill, Wisconsin and is one of the many #1 Bestselling female authors with FEW International Publications. She is also a marathoner and enjoys challenging herself by training year-round for long distance races. Her other interests include downhill and cross-country skiing, kayaking, and spending time with her four children. Her current contributions with FEW include: The Ah-Ha Effect, The Miracle Effect, and A FEW Words on Becoming Holy, Whole, & Fit. For more information please visit her website at www.mahmonline.com. For more information please visit her website at www.mahmonline.com.

Jane Guffy
JANE GUFFY is a small business entrepreneur, mother of five, Gigi of four (so far) and has been involved in ministries and organizations aimed at impacting women through fellowship. After years of involvement on school boards, family advocacy organizations, and families in need, Jane has invested the last few years and her resources into creating relationships among women through faith. She believes strongly in building bonds between women (as they journey through the seasons of life) and collaborating, so each woman’s life is meaningful and noteworthy. Jane and her husband, Doug, love building family memories into the next generation.