#1 Bestseller A FEW Words on Your Identity in Christ

A 125 Day Discovery of Your Truest Self

"True beauty emanates from a woman who boldly and unabashedly knows who she is in Christ."
From the time we are little girls, we will hear, think, and say things about what makes a woman beautiful. Many of these things are simply not true, and believing them has led many a woman down a fruitless path to find her worth and value. This empty journey has proven not to lead us to our truest selves, but only to create more confusion about who we are and what makes us worthy of love and acceptance. In this dynamic collection of devotions, you will meet real women from all ages and stages of life, each on her own personal journey to find her truest self. You will read stories by courageous women; women who are determined to see themselves as God sees them, and the powerful Scriptures that have given them the eyes to do so. Though the enemy tried relentlessly to make them believe they were not enough, not worthy, not acceptable, and not beautiful in the Father’s sight, each powerful story demonstrates how the truth of God’s Word makes even the most insecure woman reflect the beauty of God Himself.

Authors include Amy Oaks, Eleanor Weldie, Heather Taylor, Heidi Sampson, Joni Jones, Kimberly Krueger, Lisa Danegelis, Luanne Nelson, Marlene Dawson, Michelle Meade, Nilda Compuzano, Noreen Lessmann, Sue Sherstad, Susan Brozek, Susan Tyler, Tierney Gill, and Traci Weldie. Edited by Traci Weldie and Kimberly Krueger. Expert Contributor: Susan C. Brozek, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.

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