FREE! Seven Days, Eight Graves & One Heart Healed by Love

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! "God will not allow one moment of your suffering or sacrifice to be wasted." Born in southeastern Wisconsin in the early 1970's to a stable middle class family, Kimberly Krueger found that rug of stability pulled out from under her at the age of seven when her parents separated and then ultimately divorced. This loss began her lifelong quest to answer the unconscious question, "Who will fight for me?" And for the better part of her life, her circumstances confirmed her worst fear: no one. Already an abuse survivor and teen mom by the age of eighteen, she married and set out to fulfill her dream of a big happy family. After five daughters, six sons and eighteen years, her dream was violently hijacked by chemical addiction. What she was destined to discover was that this painful quest, much like the wilderness wanderings of God's people, was not accidental in any way. In fact, each heartbreaking loss, sorrow, rejection and failure, meant to tear her down by the enemy of her soul, were instead woven together by the God of all Grace to build her up. Now healed by the One who always loved her enough to fight for her, International Author, Speaker and Professional Coach, Kimberly Krueger, tells the story of her remarkable journey with God to revisit her long and dry wilderness. On this seven day pilgrimage, she encounters in a new way, the eight graves of her past that were woven together to be the chosen pathway for her to become Free! Price includes shipping