FICC One Year Group Coaching Program Monthly Payments

We’re Here to Help! Will you allow us to help you in your first year? I know how overwhelming that year can feel. That is why we are offering the FICC One Year Group Coaching Program! You’ll become • More confident! • Comfortable with promoting! • Great at Coaching! • A great storyteller! • Faithful at follow up! • A confident keynote speaker! • Adept at social media! • A person of ACTION! • A person of ACTION who gets PAID! One Year Coaching includes: • 12 months of Group Coaching with Kimberly and Heather to get you started • Get better results faster for your clients • Build your business faster • Brainstorm your plan • 1-Two Hour Session each month over Zoom • Live Discussion • Q&A Each month with Kimberly and Heather • Added resources made available to you • Launch your business with the support of a like-minded a community • Ask questions and celebrate victories with our private FICC group • We’ll cover many of the things you just learned in greater depth The monthly option is $55.00 each month drafted on the same day each month.