Becoming an Overcomer: Discover the Key to a Victorious Spiritual Life

Becoming an Overcomer: The Key to a Victorious Spiritual Life, presented by Kimberly Krueger, is for women who are hungry for more of God and less of themselves. It is for women who want to be Overcomers! Kimberly’s talk includes: What is the practice of the Presence of God? What are the foundational truths you need to know and believe to practice God’s Presence? What are the Blessings of His Presence? How do we practice God’s Presence?

Kimberly has been walking with the Lord for 26 years, but it has been more recently that she has learned to practice the Presence of God. She has experienced first-hand the spiritual, mental and emotional victory that comes with this practice. She’s now on a mission to foster this desire in women everywhere - and to show them how to do it. At this one day retreat you will discover...

-God’s foremost desire for you
-The one thing that truly fulfills the human soul
-How to see God’s supply flow to every area of your life
-How to be set free to pursue God’s Presence
-How simple the practice of God’s Presence truly is
-The most powerful (and simple) prayer to pray for spiritual victory
-The Blessings promised when in God’s Presence
-How to easily enter God’s Presence anywhere, anytime

You will leave this event inspired and prepared to live in and love the precious Presence of our God.

Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019
Location:  The Ingleside Hotel  | Pewaukee | WI FEW
Member Cost:
Non-Member Cost: $149