#FEWMoms (Meets Monthly)

I am a mother to 7 sons and 5 daughters -- and "Noni" to 4 grandsons. I have been through so much with my big, crazy family. With faith and perseverance, we have overcome divorce, addiction problems, behavioral issues and step-family "stuff" -- not to mention your everyday motherhood hoops and hurdles like potty training, learning to read, sibling rivalry, getting them to do chores and that daily grind x 12! I created #FEWMoms so I can encourage and strengthen YOU in your daily grind of the guts and glory we call motherhood.  

Try #FEWMoms... because the greatest thing we are called to is also the hardest thing we are called to. Moms need the most support but usually get the least! If you want to be an extraordinary mom with God's help and don't want to just wing it, join me, and the #FEWMoms for monthly coaching, a new vision, q&a, sanity saving strategies and laughter.. above all..laughter!

This is a Virtual Event, once each month, on the third Wednesday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM CST

Join us on ZOOM with your laptop or smartphone!

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